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BioTe21 Company offers an innovative service of rapid, in vitro synthesis of proteins in 24 hours, by simultaneous transcription and translation done directly from PCR products or a high-effective, in vitro synthesis of proteins from plasmide vectors, on the basis of Rapid Translation System RTS (RTS) technology by Roche. Depending on a chosen method of protein’s detection and isolation, the following tags are available: His6-tag, HA-tag, AviTag and MBP (a protein that binds maltose).



Rapid Translation System RTS [Roche].


This service includes all stages of the procedure (starting from PCR amplification of a sequence that codes for the desired protein, up to the end of protein synthesis) and particularly the following:

  • design, synthesis and optimization of primers with 5’-ends that make the in vitro          transcription and translation possible: T7 promoter, ribosome binding site and a        homologous fragment for isolated sequence,
  • execution of simultaneous transcription and translation of a protein in a prokaryotic    or eukaryotic system (to be chosen).


A synthesized protein is then given in a form of post-reaction mixture that contains proteins of in vitro transcription and translation system. On the customer’s demand, we may conduct detection procedure (Western-Blot with the use of specific antibodies), as well as protein’s isolation procedure, depending on the system of proteins’ cleaning chosen.





Terms of realisation are to be agreed (order’s value depends on the choice of expression system, detection, cleaning and desired amount of protein).


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