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  We would like to offer you optimized technology of DNA isolation from micro-traces.     TraceDNA® Isolation Kit rotocols provide reproducible purification of high-quality DNA for genotyping, forensic medicine, life science, and veterinary as well as pathogen research applications. Purification of DNA using the TraceDNA® Isolation Kit can be automated using any available DNA/RNA purification sample preparation workstation.

   Both, many years of professional experience in the field of forensic molecular medicine, as well as the practice with various DNA samples allowed us to design and introduce the TraceDNA® Isolation Kit, which is, in technical terms, an extremely easy way to obtain pure DNA from biological traces containing small amount of nucleic acids. The Kit will allow you to yield reliable results, without the need of difficult and time-consuming organic extraction, therefore it is useful especially in forensic science and analysis of biological traces.


    The KIT allows for high-yield DNA purification, even when using higly degraded biological materials. TraceDNA® Isolation Kit is specially dedicated to scientists working with samples containing less then 0.16 ng of DNA. Some procedure modifications allow also for simultaneous high yield RNA purification if needed.

TraceDNA® Isolation Kit is intended for purification of total DNA from human, animal, plant, fungal, bacterial or viral traces as well as standard biological samples such as oral swabs, blood or cultured cells.

  • High yields even from higly-degraded samples
    containing small-amounts of nucleic acids, 
  • Simple method, independent of laboratory practice,
  • High-quality DNA showing high stability,
  • purified DNA is sized up to 50 kb and
  • Standardized method for a variety of sample types,
  • Possibility of simultaneous RNA extraction,
  • Optimized protocols for a range of starting materials,
  • Proteinase K - not required,
  • Silica-based isolation method saving your time,
  • Purified DNA ready to use in PCR applications,
  • Purified DNA is effectively recognized by thermostabile polymerases even its concentration does not exceed 0.025 ng/uL.

    The Kit provides fast and easy silica-membrane-based DNA purification in convenient spin-columns for sample collection (after lysis) and columns for DNA binding, eliminating the need for mechanical disruption and reducing hands - on time. TraceDNA® Isolation Kit contains specially prepared buffers for protection and lysis of samples containing small amounts of nucleic acids (biological traces). Sample digestion by proteinase K is not required for maximum DNA yield in this protocol. The method's pipeline is as simple as traditional silica-based DNA purification or Chelex DNA extraction method but contribute to much higher quantity and integrity of purified DNAs allowing for better results at the level of PCR sensitivity. Purified DNA is stable and free from PCR inhibitors, enabling sensitive detection in standard, multiplex and real-time PCR systems.


    Reliable silica-membrane technology in convenient spin-column formats, ensures fast and reproducible DNA isolation, eliminating the need for organic (phenol) extraction and alcohol precipitation (see flowchart). The TraceDNA® Isolation kit columns are prepackaged in sterile, DNA-free conditions providing convenience and safety.

   Optimized protocols ensure high yields from nonstandard samples, such as hair. See genotyping with DNA from human (mtDNAtest®-human), plant, yeast (ITStest®-plant & fungi), insects, other sample types such as animal traces (mtDNAtest®-animal), as well as  fixed tissues, cultured cells or bacteria (rDNAtest®-bacteria).

The Kit does not require any special laboratory adaptations and can be performed in any genetic laboratory with access to basic laboratory equipment.This Kit aims to provide a fast and high-yield DNA purification method, especially when collecting trace DNA samples, especially encountered in forensic biology.



    TraceDNA® Isolation Kit provide reliable results from laboratory analysis of forensic samples to livestock breeding programs in food industry. Routine testing applications utilizing the Kit can be easily applied into any of your laboratory system as well as scaled up using automated workstations. This product allows for isolation of genomic (nuclear and mitochondrial), human, animal, plant, bacterial, parasite, or viral DNA. The kit is also useful in population genetics, in the field of determining mtDNA haplotypes and haplogroups helpful in lineage analysis and family tree construction.

TraceDNA® Isolation Kit, ready to use in all downstream assays, including applications in:

  • Forensic science and medicine,
  • Human genetic testing research,
  • Paternity testing,
  • Cancer research
  • Viral research,
  • Bacterial research,
  • Fungal research,
  • Life science research,
  • Livestock breeding
  • Veterinary pathogen research
  • PCR Detection of Borrelia DNA in Ticks
  • Routine applied testing
  • Genotyping of Pigs for Quality Management of Livestock
  • Pedigree genotyping.

    Trace DNA analysis has become an integral part of a forensic laboratory's work and a key tool for investigators in forensic medicine. Accordingly, there has been considerable research conducted in order to provide the TraceDNA® Isolation Kit as the best optimized technology to purify trace DNA and improve its collection for further amplification and interpretation. Although it is not possible to provide an exhaustive description of all applitactions and the numerous cases where trace DNA isolated by the TraceDNA® Isolation Kit has provided key evidence, we hope that the Kit will gain the usefulness of trace DNA samples.


As other IVD, the Kit is intended for applications utilizing molecular biology methods. This product is neither intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease, nor has it been validated for such use either alone or in combination with other our products.