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    We are pleased to present complete systems and reagents for genetic analyses of human, animal, bacterial, plant and fungi DNA allowing for their fast, cheap and reliable identification. All kits include specially selected reagents and primers, allowing for personal genotyping as well as identification of any animal, plant, fungi or bacteria species. DNA containing samples for the studies are usually of unknown origin, and the kits are useful even if using highly degraded biological materials.

   Kits are intended for identification of species and individuals and provide systems that enable investigators to perform reproducible studies in forensic sciences, medicine as well as other life sciences. Each Kit can be easily applied into any of your laboratory system as well as scaled up using any available DNA/RNA purification sample preparation workstation.    

    Kits provide fast and easy silica-membrane-based DNA purification (traceDNA® Isolation Kit) as well as fast and easy to preare PCR-based reagents reducing hands - on time. Optimized protocols ensure high yields from nonstandard samples, such as hair or other biological traces. See genotyping with DNA from human (mtDNAtest®-human), plant, yeast (ITStest®-plant & fungi), insects, other sample types such as animal traces (mtDNAtest®-animal), as well as  fixed tissues, cultured cells or bacteria (rDNAtest®-bacteria).The Kits does not require any special laboratory adaptations and can be performed in any genetic laboratory with access to basic laboratory equipment. The kits contain specially prepared buffers and optimized primer sets to obtain high-yield amplicons and results, what is important especially when collecting trace DNA samples. Sequence analysis may be performed automatically with our special software: SNPtester® that allows you for identyfication of any SNP without knowledge about correct determination of sequence variations and usage of IUPAC nomenclature. Just put your row sequence in the SNPtester® and wait for the results.

 Advantages of the Kits mtDNAtest-human - Method scheme

  • Simple and quick implementation of the procedures,
  • Simple method, independent of laboratory practice,
  • High yields even from higly-degraded samples
    containing small-amounts of nucleic acids, 
  • Standardized method for a variety of sample types,
  • Optimized protocols for a range of starting materials,
  • High sensitivity (DNA < 0.025 pg / reaction),
  • Optimized PCR primer set,
  • Excellent quality of results
    (obtained amplicons do not cause problems during analyses),
  • Continuous help during analyses,
  • Relatively low cost testing when compared to other methods.


Materials & reagents

Each genotyping system includes reagents for PCR systems: all in one standard 0,2mL PCR tube (referred to as "capsule"). You need only an enzyme and typical laboratory equipment (thermocycler). If you have an instant access to any sequencer (genetic analyzer), you can perform all laboratory steps in 24h allowing for full identification of your samples in one day.

Each system includes PCR capsules with optimized PCR buffer, standarized PCR primer set, dNTPs and water, as well as control DNA in a separate tube. The capsules require only your sample (DNA) and an enzyme (DNA polymerase).The Kits contain also specific oligonucleotides for sequencing reactions of your PCR amplicons obtained in the PCR capsules.

Equipment, reagents and materials required but not supplied: PCR enzyme, materials and reagents for agarose gell electrophoresis (validation of PCR products), materials and reagents for sequencing (e.g. BigDyeTerminator Sequencing Kit), thermocycler and access to the genetic analyzer (sequencer). There is also possibility to order the service in our lab. Please contact us to get any answer to questions about the Kits and our services.




Description: The kit allows for personal identification of humans and human remains, even when using higly degraded biological materials. Mutations/SNPs on the mitochondrial DNA D-loop hypervariable regions can be traced along a person's maternal line.
Purposes: forensic (comparative analysis of evidence samples and reference materials) medical (identification of some cancer-related mutations in HVI and HVII regions of mtDNA), scientific (migration analysis).
Test type:
higly sensitive PCR.


Description: The kit allows for genetic identification of any mammal species (cat, dog, horse, cow, pig, deer, fox etc.) and other animals, including many birds, amphibians and reptiles, as well as individuals within a species (individual animal identification). The samples are usually of unknown origin from: accidents involving animals, illegal hunting, bites, pedigree analysis, and identification of animal droppings in a public space.
: veterinary, forensic, scientific.
Test type
: higly sensitive PCR.

ITStest-Plant & FungiITStest-plant & fungi®

Description: The kit allows for genetic identification of any plant and fungus genus and species in a sample containing cultured or uncultured bacteria.

Purposes: medical (swabs of pathogenic fungi), forensic (fungi comparison), scientific , industrial (foodstuffs).

Test type: fast, cheap, highly sensitive PCR.


Description: The kit allows for genetic identification of any bacteria genus or species in a sample containing cultured or uncultured bacteria.

Purposes: a) medical (pathogenic bacteria) especially difficult to culture anaerobic bacteria, b) forensic, c) scientific.

Test typefast, cheap, higly sensitive PCR.


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